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It involves the injection of bone cement into the crushed vertebral body, which stabilizes it and reduces pain by reducing movement at the fracture site. It is well established and straightforward to perform, usually as a day-case procedure. A newer alternative treatment is Kyphoplasty.

What Patients Are Saying

  • “Pain free after...30+ years!”

    “Dr. ZACHARY LIPMAN CHANGED MY LIFE!! I am now pain free after living with pain the last 30+ years. Thank you Dr. Lipman and your amazing staff for all you have done for me!” - Lori M. in Chico, CA

  • “Friendly office staff and doctors.”

    “Such friendly office staff and doctors. They have been a god sent on relieving me from my pain. Thanks for everything Dr. Lipman.” - D. Martens in Chico, CA

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